Zfin Malta Set Design




Photo: Bahia Pictures

ŻfinMalta presented its first Christmas production in 2023 December with direction and original music performed live by The New Victorians, and choreography by Adriano Bolognino. This dynamic new work is a dance theatre adaptation of the Christmas book, Ħolm tal-Milied? by Trevor Zahra, a classic story many know and love from their childhood and continue to pass on. ‘Ħolm tal-Milied?’ is a delightful full family experience, taking audiences on a nostalgic ride, while juxtaposing classic Maltese traditions with a fresh and contemporary musical score and aesthetic. 

I have been super honoured to design a set and dream an abstract aesthetic of Christmas to the stage. The challange was that the set structures had to transform easily between the 2 world.  

The international team furthermore included the dramaturgy by Victor Jacono, James Dimech paper structures and Laurent Uyttersprot created the costumes.

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