SORGI - Rita

Photo: Maria Galea, Therese Debono
Limited edition of 3 + 1 AP.

My newest body of work, The Sorgi Collection is a critical design project presenting six Contemporary Design pieces for specific outdoor spaces in Malta which are all made from construction waste. The project aims to create a conversation about sustainability and the changing architectural landscape.

As a result of extensive and often aggressive property development plans, numerous important buildings of Malta are in danger of destruction. While promising the benefits of economic growth, such plans are resulting in a hectic architectural landscape, a severe loss of architecturally significant buildings, and a vast creation of construction waste by-product. 

The project has been supported by the Arts Council Malta. 


The Lapsi View Bar and Restaurant, publicly known as Ta’ Rita is just one of the many iconic buildings that is in danger of demolition. The building was established in the 1930s to cater mainly for the Royal Marines until it was expanded to its present state in 1966. The characteristics of the building inspired the material, form and structure of the design piece.


Photo: Therese Debono

Screenshot of MEPA current state

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