Jongo de Serrinha 

Jongo de Serrinha was a two-week design workshop in Rio de Janeiro hosted by Studio X Rio, where students from Central Saint Martins worked with students from PUC-Rio university, together with local architects, artists and designers.

The workshop produced furniture designs and full-scale prototypes for Jongo da Serrinha, a local NGO. The organisation is dedi- cated to promoting culture, educating the youth and preserving traditional African-Bra- zilian jongo music. We have been asked to consider ways on how domestic furniture can engage the public by creating comfort and intimacy. The designs and prototypes also needed to be creative, low-cost and practical. The design has been developed around the words of broadcasting, playing and teaching. Our aim was to create a playful tool which functions as an instrument. It can send the message to a wider audience with its sounds and invite people to the school. Therefore we bring the kids closer to the music, create an opportunity to entertain instead of being involved in the violent street life of the favela.

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