Hermes Petit h pop-up store Lisbon

In 2018 Studio Astolfi was responsible for the design of Hermes' Petit H pop-up store in Lisbon where my responsibilities included the concept development, and translating this interactive wunderkammer into a spatial design, expressed through 2D drawings and 3D model.

Petit H is a journey into Hermes' laboratory of ideas and experimentation.

‘Petit h’ is the exceptional Paris atelier of Hermès, founded by Pascale Mussard, where a small, dedicated team of people work on handcrafting unique objects out of scrap materials from Hermès. The designs are exhibited and sold every year in two locations around the world. The Portuguese capital was one of the first location for the travelling stores, where the designs aimed to tell the story of the brand embedded in some Portuguese material and characteristics. 

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