Collection ‘MON’

A group of international architect and sustainability experts spent two months in the Georgian countryside to find opportunities to rebrand a village through development in architecture & public space.

My area of focus was clay consequent the richness of their soil, and inspired by an exisiting brick factory in the village. Georgia also has a beautiful tradition and stunning pieces in earthenware.

The base of my project were broken ‘Kvevris’, the egg-shaped earthenware wine vessels. The elements has been cut in sliced and added further (found) wooden/metal elements. The project has been inspired by Francis Kere’s Secondary School in Burkuma Faso, but instead of transforming d vases into slabs with beautiful circular windows, I created a collection of furniture, which can be used in public space.

The elements function as a ‘birzha’ that is traditionally wooden site-specific benches in Georgia, mostly for the young man. The designed pieces serve seating for woman, offering a place for fire, tables, seating and a lamp for lighting. 

This is just one of the project you can find at our exhibition called ‘Future, Continuous’, the results of our research with the international researchers at the Center of Contemporary Art, Tbilisi. 

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