Budapest shelf design
 ( for Marie & Balint )

The shelf design has been developed for Marie and Balint, an art and curator couple, the founders of Initio Fine Art

Initio Fine Arts emphasizes on cross-cultural projects with a focus on Central & Eastern European art and design, with a sensibility for contemporary French design. The concept behind the gallery is about combining art and design through curated exhibitions, art fairs, and collaborative projects.

The shelf design has been specifically developed to the characteristics of their downtown apartman in Budapest that has been decorated with art and design objects. 

For Initio Fine Arts, it is important that the artworks are not only displayed on the walls of galleries and exhibition halls but also come to life “in situ”, in real homes. Works by some of the best-known artists of Hungarian contemporary art (Imre Bak, János Fajó, Tamás Konok and Dóra Maurer) are complemented by the prints of the world-famous Hungarian-born artist Victor Vasarely. 

The playful shapes which have been carved out of the solid wall are serving as a white backdrop for the art pieces and albums while the shelf itself also functions as an individual design item. 

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