Bricks & Breaks of Georgia

A group of international architect and sustainability experts spent two months in the Georgian countryside to find opportunities to rebrand a village through development in architecture & public space.

My area of focus was clay consequent the richness of their soil, and inspired by an exisiting brick factory in the village. Georgia also has a beautiful tradition and stunning pieces in earthenware.

Unfortunately every household accumulate different type of waste bricks and ceramic roof elements. Unregulated disposal is also really common consequent to the lack of recycling system.

While Georgian traditional architecture rooted in brick structures, the building material became less popular as more feasible concrete structures replaced traditional architecture.

Throughout my project, road paths recycling unused bricks have been designed and prototyped that can create a unique walkways around the village. The walkway could contribute to Georgian infrastructure and become a characteristic of the rural town.

A full ‘cookbook’ have been developed for the residents where they can select their patterns based on what waste ‘ingredients’ they have in their households.

This is just one of the project you can find at our exhibition called ‘Past, Continuous’, the results of our research with an international team of designers and makers at the Center of Contemporary Art, Tbilisi.

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