Art Market Budapest

ART MARKET BUDAPEST, the international art fair established in 2011 presents a unique artistic composition in a vibrant and exciting region and in one of the culturally most attractive cities in Europe, that gives an emphasized presence to fresh and inspiring galleries and artists including the now emerging stars of the future, and places new artistic inspirations in the focus. Initio Fine Arts set her stand with artworks exhibited by CHRISTO & JEANNE-CLAUDE, Demeter FOGARASI, Sándor KECSKEMÉTI, Tamás KONOK, Dóra MAURER, Zuzu Loránt MÉHES, Bálint MIKSA, István NÁDLER, Dániel SZALAI and myself. 

Alongside exhibiting pieces of Collezione L!Puff 2, I also have been asked to create the scenography for the Initio Fine Arts’ stand. The imple circles of black&white grid structure served as backdrop for the fine art and design objects. 

ART MARKET BUDAPEST, Central and Eastern Europe’s leading international art fair efficiently and thought-provokingly combines inspiring artistic content originating from the now emerging regions in and beyond Europe as well as the progressive new generation of artists of the alrea

dy established West.

Find further info on Initio Fine Arts’ website:

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